Welcome to the Fruchthendler Family Engagement Team

The purpose of the Fruchthendler Family Engagement Team is to provide resources and opportunities for family participation in education. We tailor this to meet our community's needs in the following areas:

Help parents understand the educational process and their role in supporting student achievement. Provide an opportunity for parents to learn about the course of study for their children and review learning materials.

Provide communication between school and home that is regular, two-way and meaningful. Each school will support all families when they need to express themselves in their native language, carrying out the translations in English, thus giving equal participation to all the parents in the different scenarios. Each school will establish expectations on parent involvement, and provide list of expectations to the families through the parent/student compact.

Each school will inform all families of the minimum participation required cooperating with the academic development of their children. Tucson Unified School district will provide teamwork alternatives for the families who cannot come to school during regular hours.

Learning at Home
Inform parents about grade level expectations to include grade level Standards and Performance Objectives. This information should be shared with students. Inform parents of policies regarding homework, discipline, attendance and other issues of importance to students, parents and the school. Provide opportunities for parents to be informed about their student's progress toward attaining proficiency on state and district academic standards. Information will explain how the student's progress will be measured and how parents will be informed of such progress.

Decision Making
Consult with and encourage parents to share in school planning and in the setting of objectives through school committees and school council. Encourage formal organizations for parents at each school.

Collaborating with the Community
In partnership with the parents, seek community resources to strengthen school programs

Meeting Schedule
2020 Family Engagement Team Members
This year's Members are:

Mary Anderson, Principal
Contact Mrs. Anderson by Email

Kari Calvarese, Office Staff
Contact Ms. Calvarese by Email

Kim Mulligan, Teacher
Contact Mrs. Mulligan by Email

Shannon Turnage, Teacher
Contact Mrs. Turnage by Email

Debbie Brooks, Teacher
Contact Mrs. Brooks by Email

Nina Aldecoa, Teacher
Contact Mrs. Aldecoa by Email

Dan Schulter, CSP
Contact Dr. Schulter by Email

Michelle James, Parent
Contact Mrs. James by Email

Liam Maddock, Parent
Contact Mr. Maddock by Email

Karen Boerup, Parent
Contact Mrs. Boerup by Email

Stephanie Keller, Parent/PTA President
Contact Mrs. Keller by Email

Duke Corley, Community Representative
Contact Mr. Duke by Email

2020-21 Family Engagement Team Minutes
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